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  ♦ Custom Landscape Design                                 ♦ Irrigation
  ♦ Installation                                 ♦ Hardscapes
  ♦ Maintenance                                 ♦ Lighting







Finding a balance between nature's magnificence and man-made necessity is a regular struggle. At Lyonscape we constantly explore new and innovative ways to create landscapes that will be aesthetically pleasing and attract interest. Materials are chosen that not only define and enhance spaces, but that give each property a distinguishing character.



♦ Drainage         ♦ Planting ♦ Water features
♦ Grading ♦ Mulching       
♦ Irrigation ♦ Lighting  




Maintenance (Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly and Seasonal)

Mowing and Edging  Tree/Shrub Pruning
Debris Clean Up and Removal     Mulching  
Total Weed Control






Careful water management and efficient water usage are ever growing concerns in California. We are educated and use the latest and greenest technology.

  Custom Design and Installation of Systems
  Maintenance of Systems
 ♦ Expansion and Renovation of Existing Systems



Driveways  Rock Walls 
Patios  Water Features